Dennis - Digital Marketing Content Writer

Stef is a UW Alum born and raised in the Seattle area. She has a background improving sales and marketing strategies for Fortune 100 companies, including Qwest and Microsoft. Her passion for customer experience, knowledge of sales & digital marketing, and love for a challenge inspired her to found Stef Ruiz Media Group in a mission to help businesses grow and become more successful.

In her free time, you'll find Stef spending time with her family, hiking and enjoying the outdoors, playing sports, working out, dancing, or reading a great inspirational book. 

Stef - Founder / CMO  -  Digital Strategist

Dennis is a recent graduate of Whitman College where he obtained a degree in Politics, with Honors in his Major. Prior to joining Stef Ruiz Media Group he worked as a Legal Assistant and Office Manager at Desh International and Business Law where he managed the website, and wrote content for the legal insights blog covering a variety of practice areas including landlord-tenant law, privacy law, technology, immigration, and corporate law.  He will be entering a doctoral program in Political Science in the Fall.

In his free time Dennis enjoys hiking, playing frisbee, writing, and reading.

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Sarah - Marketing Manager  -  PR Specialist

Sarah has a strong background and education in Public Relations. She obtained her BA in Integrated Communications, Public Relations and Advertising at Butler University, and her MA in Public Relations Management. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge as a Digital Marketing Manager from her roles at previous PR companies, as well as political PR experience from her work in the Mayor's Office and from running PR campaigns for the former Indiana Governor.

In her free time Sarah enjoys spending time with her friends and family, listening to music, watching movies, and doing charity work.